Common questions and answers

Can our products be ingested?

No our products are not for ingestion. While our water based potions are non-toxic, none of our products are designed for consumption. Some of our potions do have ingredients that are toxic if consumed. In these cases the product is securely sealed and not designed to be opened. Please read product descriptions for information on which potions are water based or otherwise.

How long do they change color?

Color change potions will continue to settle and change color when shaken indefinitely, but require a little bit of TLC.
They want to be shaken and picked up often. I have seen the color change pigment congeal when a bottle was left for about a year without being shaken. This is something to consider if you're buying them for Halloween decorations and intend to pack them away for most of the year.

Do they need any special care?

Not really, but they do have a few enemies to be aware of. Direct sunlight can do something weird to the pigments I use, and sometimes leaches the color out of them. A sunny room is okay, direct sunlight like a windowsill or shelf by a window probably is not.

Extreme hot or cold can damage the wax or even cause the glass to break, so they are best stored indoors.

Glow in the dark and light up potions will need to be periodically charged in the sunlight in order to light up.

How quickly do you ship?

I ship within 5-8 business days of recieving payment and always ship priority usps if the shipping charge covers it.
If you have upgraded to express shipping, please shoot me a message so I'm aware of it, and can get it to you ASAP.

We combine shipping charges, based on the weight of the potions you choose. Sometimes, on larger orders, it overcharges a bit. When that happens, I refund the overage to you. If you make multiple purchases to the same address in one restock, please message us and we will try to box your orders together and refund the excess shipping charge.

NOTE: We can no longer combine multiple international orders. More information for international customers below.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally except for the UK and the EU. Multiple international orders cannot be combined as it does not allow us to have the correct customs information, because of this we ask our international customers to place a single order for all potions they want. If you find another potion you would like to add after your initial order, just email us. This allows us to invoice you on the order and update the customs information as needed.

How safely are they packaged?

Each bottle is wrapped in bubble wrap or honeycomb paper in the case of gift-wrapped orders, and packed in biodegradable packing peanuts. We prioritize safe and secure packaging over pretty packaging. 

WEATHER WARNING: In freezing temperatures potions left in mailboxes or outside can freeze. Like all liquids, they will expand and break the bottles. If ordering during colder weather please ensure you bring your order inside once it is delivered. 

Do you offer returns?

I gladly accept returns, exchanges, and cancellations.

Contact me within: 14 days of delivery Ship items back within: 21 days of delivery

Request a cancellation within: 24 hours of purchase

I offer a 15 day return period, as long as items are in original condition. If the item is damaged, I will happily cover the return shipping charge. If you decide that you don't love it (or didn't read about the size or aging) and would like to return it, I will not cover the return shipping. I hope that you love your items but please contact me with any issues!

*In the case of a replacement not due to breakage we will send a return label for the original potion so that you can send it back to us.

The bottles rarely leak, though it can happen due to the pressure in the airplane. If this should occur, I ask that you let them dry out for about two days. More often than not, they reseal themselves (magic!) and you can shake and enjoy them with no leaks. The labels are hand aged and part of this process is getting them wet. A little wetness won't hurt them, just leave them alone until they dry. If, after they dry, they still leak or are damaged, I will happily refund you or send you a new one!

I do not allow habitual cancellations and returns. I reserve the right to deny return/cancellation privileges to repeat offenders. I reserve the right to cancel orders of those who abuse my policies.

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