We're moving!

Our long awaited move is finally upon us! We have a lot in stock, and will continue to ship orders as we settle in the new place. We will not have a March 15th restock, but we're excited for a new and organized workshop to inspire so many new creations for the upcoming year!


March 1st Collection

We have some more rare mythical creature artifacts for you! We're bringing you dragon's blood, demiguise hair, and for the first time ever- phoenix ashes! Anytime you're messing with dragons and phoenixes, it's a good idea to have fire protection potion on hand, so we brewed up some of that as well!

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Fantasy Apothecary Jars

Dried Mandrake Seedlings, A Decorative Apothecary JarDried Mandrake Seedlings, A Decorative Apothecary Jar
Dried Black Hellebore, A Decorative Apothecary Jar
Orchid Sprite Wings, A Decorative Apothecary JarOrchid Sprite Wings, A Decorative Apothecary Jar

Watch them color change

  • Is this real magic?

    No, these are meant to be fantasy decorations and sensory decorations. While they're not real magic they will bring some magic into your lives.

  • Are these edible?

    No, none of our potions are for consumption.

  • Are they toxic?

    While the vast majority of ingredients are non toxic some of the pigments we use for the color-change effects are. Those designs are safely sealed to prevent any contact with the pigments. Please contact us with any concerns.

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Our Brand

I have always loved magic and love creating little bits of magic for you to keep! My potions are unique in many ways. I love to make them glow, swirl, change colors and light up! Each of my labels is a tiny piece of art, I design them using vintage images, often with renaissance period etchings, that are part of the public domain. All of my potions are my recipes, developed by me and I even hand marble the faux wax that tops these beauties.

Each one is created, start to finish, with so, so much love.

Grim Sweetness is eco smart: We use recycled, unbleached paper, eco friendly packing peanuts and reuse packaging whenever possible.

About Us

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Summer on January 29th 2023

five out of five stars

Love it

Very pretty and really fun to play with. I love the way it moves, it's almost mercurial.

Unicorn Blood, Swirling, Bubbling Potion Bottle

Kay on January 29th 2023

five out of five stars

On my way to Diagon Alley!

"Love, love, love this!! So sparkly. The little spoon is so cute. Again, great attention to detail. A nice addition to the collection."

Floo Powder, Apothecary or Mantle Jar

Raven on December 5th 2022

five out of five stars

This might be my new favorite!

"I love everything about this potion - from the shape of the bottle to the charm and of course the beautiful golden color it shakes to. The color combination..."

Aging Potion, A Color Change Phial