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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Aging Potion, A Color Change Phial

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Tired of looking like a baby faced kid? Need to get across an age line or into a naughty movie? Aging potion to the rescue!

-Glass phial with a heavy glass base is full of a leaf green potion that glows slightly in UV light and changes to a metallic, swirling dark gold/bronze when shaken and settles back down to green within about 20 minutes of sitting.

-Label is hand designed, aged and features a vintage illustration of Fred and George-esque old bearded twins! It’s sealed with water resistant mod podge for durability.

-Neck is wrapped in aged blue jute and an antique copper chain that is connected to the cork with copper beads, and hangs down.  The chain is decorated with a time turner wax seal and finished with a copper bead.

-Aged cork is glued in with water proof glue and finished with marbled blue and copper faux wax.

-6 1/4- 6 1/2” tall (including copper loop atop cork), 1” wide.

-Non-toxic but for decoration only. Do not drink.

These bottles are intended to look old and worn. I hand age the labels, so they are faded and stained. Some are more stained and older looking than others, I enjoy the authentic, magical look!

Questions and requests welcome!

Thank you!

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