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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Claw of The Fire Drake, A Draconic Apothecary Jar Prop

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Dragon claw has long been used to enhance brain power.  Added to a brain elixir or focus potion, it will aid the user in cleverness, memory, and problem solving.

These are very limited, and I likely won't make more of this exact design.

- Lantern shaped glass jar full of dragon claws.  The glass lid is connected to the jar with a gunmetal chain, but isn't glued shut, so you can take out your claws to use as photo props.  Neck wrapped in burgundy cotton cord, knotted with silver beads, and the connected chain.  Finished with a black and gold shield wax seal.

- Hand aged label reads:

Claw of the Fire Drake                                                                                                              For use in brain-boosting potions. Aids in puzzle solving, memory and cleverness.            Collected with permission from the Draconic elders.

- Labels are sealed with water resistant Mod Podge, for durability.