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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Dragon Milk

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Securing milk from a nursing dragon is no small feat, but we’ve managed to procure some for you! Dragon milk is highly magical and will heal burns (even dragonfire burns!) and cure ailments accompanying high fevers.  (Not really y’all, this is a magical decoration)

-Designed by Ruby

-Squared glass milk bottle shaped jar is full of a whitish opaque fluid that changes to a swirling light blue/white with pink highlights when shaken.  Settles back to plain white in ten minutes or so  

-Large aged cork is sealed with waterproof glue and decorated with marbled black/blue/silver faux wax.

-Aged label is sealed with water resistant mod podge, for durability.

-Neck is wrapped in aged light blue jute with a double chain dangle and two baby dragon charms.  Finished off with a small moon wax seal. 

 -Just under 4 1/2" tall.