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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Draught of Peace, A Color Changing Potion Bottle Prop

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Sometimes the world is a bit too much, and anxiety and dread take over. Draught of Peace is the perfect thing to soothe a battered spirit.

-Do not ingest, for decoration, and fidgeting only.

-Vintage apothecary shaped glass bottle filled with a deep blue potion that swirls to an iridescent aqua-green with strong golden highlights when shaken (indicating that it was brewed to perfection). The back of the bottle is embossed “violettes francaises Pierre & Co.”, which adds to the vintage bottle feel. 

-Hand-designed and label reads:
“relieves anxiety and soothes a battered spirit
Draught Of Peace
Dose liberally when the dread takes over and the world is too much to bear.”.

-Label was printed on recycled paper, has been hand aged, and is sealed with water-resistant sealant for durability.

-Neck wrapped with aged light green twine, and draped with a textured silver tone chain with vintage feel glass bead with silver caps, and a peace sign charm hanging down.

-Aged cork is sealed with waterproof glue and finished with marbled blue and gold faux wax.

-Just under 6 inches tall (15 cm)

I create life size, realistically magical potions that look like they live in the wizarding world or a wizened old alchemists workshop. They're intended to look old and worn, while still pretty. I hand age the labels, so they are faded and stained. Some are more stained and older looking than others, your collection will look authentic.

Questions and requests welcome!

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Draught of Peace

I am somewhat of a collector of Grim Sweetness potions, and I think this might be my new favorite. At rest it's this nice midnight blue, but when the light hits it just right it becomes almost cobalt blue. Then shaken, it becomes this swirly gold green that is hard to describe. The detail in the label is amazing and the chain around the neck of the bottle is beautiful. The best part however is the bottle itself. It's like an antique apothecary bottle which I just love. If this is available, you need to get one1


i’m obsessed!!!