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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Dried Wolfsbane, A Decorative Apothecary Jar

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"As for Monkshood and Wolfsbane, they are the same plant, which also goes by the name of Aconite."  -Severus Snape

-Medium sized, squat jar of dried wolfsbane.  This is for decorative purposed only, therefore is not real wolfsbane, and I've left the jar unglued, so you can use the dried blooms as a photo prop.

-Neck wrapped in very aged purple fabric, with a silver charm of a wolf howling at the moon.

-Black lid is aged and finished with a purple Grim Sweetness Apothecary wax seal.

-Label reads: Aconite, Devil's Helmet, Monkshood, Wolfsbane Dried, for use in: lycanthropy potions, poison-tipped weapons, flying ointment, warding off vampires, and general poisons. It's sealed with water resistant sealant, for durability.

-These jars are made to be handled, and will last for many years.