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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Eldritch Veil. A Fae, Iridescent, Color Change Decorative Potion Bottle

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Eldritch Veil is a powerful potion that strengthens a faeries natural ability to glamour.  If you are to be in a situation with suspicious humans, of if you're particularly hard to veil, this is good to have on hand.  Label claims "veils even the most unearthly fae".

- Iridescent glass bottle full of magenta potion with small clear balls in the bottom changes to a sparkling turquoise green with gold highlights when shaken.  Potion settles to purple in about 15 minutes, but takes over 1/2 hour to settle to magenta.  It will continue to color change indefinitely.

-Aged label is printed on recycled paper and sealed with water resistant sealant, for durability.  Reads

"Eldritch Veil

Elixir to enhance natural glamour.  Veils even the most unearthly fae so, they may mix with the humans.  Brewed with essence of will-o-whisp.

- Bottle neck is wrapped in braided twine with fabric leaves.  Twine comes down to the side and is sealed with a tree of life wax seal in purple and green wax.

-Aged cork is sealed with water proof glue and finished with light green wax..

- About 4 3/4" tall, 2 3/4" wide.