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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Phoenix Ashes, A Fantasy Apothecary Jar

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Used in life extending and renewal potions, phoenix ashes are highly magical and quite rare.  A jar of them is a rejuvenating mythical artifact, perfect for anyone in need of a reminder that they to can rise from the ashes.

- Ribbed glass jar is full of phoenix ashes: grey powder, granules, iridescent gold flecks, and bits of red, orange, and gold phoenix feather.

- Aged label features a phoenix rising from the ashes, and is set into an antique silver frame. It's sealed with water resistant sealant for durability.

- Large aged cork is sealed and drizzled with metallic red wax.  The large Grim Sweetness Apothecary seal embedded on the top is highlighted in gold.

- Label frame is tied onto jar with aged black twine, ends are tied with red ceramic and antique silver beads.

- About 3 3/4" tall.

These bottles are intended to look old and worn. I hand age the labels, so they are faded and stained. Some are more stained and older looking than others, I enjoy the authentic, magical look!

*Please note that you are buying a piece of art and not a product. You are paying for my time and artistry, as well as the supplies it takes to create these potions, not official merchandise. Any use of material protected by law, such as "Harry Potter”, “Hogwarts”, etc., is for descriptive purposes only. I have not received any endorsement from and are not affiliated with or licensed by any holder of intellectual property or common law rights related to the Harry Potter series of books, films, and merchandise, any of their subsidiaries or licensees.

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