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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Potion of Curiosity, A Color Changing Potion Bottle Prop

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All good and innovative things come from being curious, so we bring you the Potion of Curiosity- a potion to enhance your inquisitive nature and desire to seek knowledge.

-Tall squared glass bottle full of a glowy reddish orange potion that changes to twinkling galaxy blue when shaken.  The size of this bottle means it takes a bit longer to settle, and will be back to clear orange after about 45 minutes.

-Copper toned chain wraps the shoulders of the bottle twice, and dangles down with a key pendant that reminds you how much can be unlocked with a hefty dose of curiosity 

.-Interesting hand designed and aged label in the shape of a question mark is printed on recycled paper and sealed with water resistant sealant, for durability.

-Neck is wrapped in aged dark blue twine and finished with a red wax seal.

-Aged cork is glued with waterproof glue, and marbled drippy faux wax.