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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Potion of Invisibility, A Color Changing Potion Bottle Prop

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Sometimes vanishing is the best form of defense, and if you don't have an invisibility cloak on hand, Invisibility Potion is the next best thing! 

-Pyramid shaped glass apothecary bottle 

-Purplish grey potion changes to metallic silver with gold highlights when shaken. The color of the swirls depends on the amount of natural light. 

-Hand designed label has been aged and coated with water resistant sealant for durability.  

-Wrapped in aged grey jute with a staring eye wax seal set to the side of the neck.

-A silver triangle charm with floating crystal dangles from a textured silver chain.

 -Aged cork sealed with water proof glue and finished with gold faux wax.   

-High quality bottle, designed to color change and bring joy for many years. 

-3 3/4" tall, for decorative purposes, do not drink (though it is non-toxic). 

These bottles are intended to look old and worn.  I hand age the labels, so they are faded and stained.  Some are more stained and older looking than others, I enjoy the authentic, magical look! 

Questions and requests welcome!   Thank you!