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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Reject Potions- Group of Three

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This listing is for a group of three reject potions. These are random, in that you do not get to choose what you get, however I thoughtfully selected these groupings.  You will not get three that are really clumpy or otherwise ugly.

Because these are defective, we will not be offering returns or exchanges.

Pictures in listings are samples of groupings, not the exact potions you will receive.


-Clumpy potion, or potion that doesn't swirl as prettily as it's supposed to.

-Chips in the glass- no cracks or chips that are sharp or will break in the mail.

-Ugly wax

-Old potions that I abandoned and a few from my mom's collection that she has since replaced with the newer versions.

-Testers. These are bottles we filled with new mixtures, dyes or pigments to see how they aged.  We labeled and waxed these, but the labels don't necessarily match the potion.

-Random bottles (some antique) that we filled with the leftover of a pitcher of potion. Again, random labels, but they are finished.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive three clumpy potions, nor will you receive three testers or randoms.  I've curated these groupings to be balanced and fair.

These are perfect for a Halloween potion display, or anything where details aren't as important.