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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Siren Song, A Color Changing Potion Bottle Prop

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Quite volatile, and dangerous when unleashed, siren song is beautiful when contained.  Please note that the label says "caution; volitile (translation of merfolk words often results in strange spellings) do not shake".  This is just me messing with you!  I love to do things I've been told not to, and these are definitely designed to be handled and shaken!

-Glass apothecary shaped bottle with beautiful fishing net texture is full of deep ocean blue potion that swirls to a sparkly teal green when shaken.  Settles back down to deep blue after about 20 minutes af setting still.  Will continue to color change indefinitely.

-Neck tied with distressed seaweed colored fabric.

-Wooden tag aged label is double sided, with the label on one side and a vintage illustration of sirens on the other.  It hangs from a rusty looking teal, brown and silver chain that dangles down with a rusty seashell and pearl pendant. Label is coated with water resistant sealant, for dutability.

-Aged cork is sealed with waterproof glue and finished with royal blue wax that's dusted with a slight iridescence.