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Grim Sweetness Apothecary

Specimen Jar

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I designed these specimen jars after real specimen jars of the early 1900s, and I love that they manage to look scientific and magical!

- Tall glass jar is full of opaque swamp water green potion with acrylic bones and skulls in it. It changes color when shaken to an earthy brown with strong red/green/purple highlights. Green is what was showing up in pictures, but in person it's brown/red/green/purple- these things really never photograph well.  

- Metal lid is subtly aged and sealed with water proof glue.

- Hand aged label is done in the style of antique scientific specimen jar labels. It's coated in water resistant mod podge, for durability, but as it wraps over the lid, it should still be treated with care.  These labels are hand aged, I photographed one of the most muddied, but they're all different!

- Reads:
"Loc: Willamette OR Date: 8/15/22
Bone Specimens                                                                                                                Faerie Origin"

- Black Grim Sweetness Apothecary seal on to of lid completes the look.