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Grim Sweetness Apothecary


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All of the details on these are perfect, the only flaw lies with the potion itself.  Our water wasn't as clean as it should have been, and it resulted in potion that is slightly clumpy, sticks to the inside of the bottle, and generally isn't as pretty as I require.  It still swirls when shaken, it just needs a firm shake, and doesn’t look as good.  I can't wait until we're out of this old house with it's old pipes- but until then, we will be purchasing water, so that your future potions are as beautiful as you've come to expect.

Need to demolish an entire ship? Fleet? Kingdom? Extremely volatile and unstable, wildfire will do the job.

- Glass sphere bottle filled with deep green potion that glows to a bright green in sunlight and swirls to a lime green with yellow highlights when shaken.

- Label small print reads:
“Proprietorship owned by The Alchemists Guild. Reproduction or vending prohibited in pain of death. Substance created by Grim Sweetness Apothecary.”
and was hand aged and sealed with water resistant mod podge for durability.

- Aged cork is glued with water proof glue and light green flexible sealing wax with a skull and crossbones seal on the top.

- Neck wrapped in black jute twine, further wrapped in silver chain with a large, red Lannister House wax seal and lava rock beads at the ends of the chain.

- This thoughtful and durable prop is made for years of enjoyment and is meant to be handled.